SPECIAL OFFER: Any family with 3 or more immediate family members in the club gets free equipment rental for Level 1 classes!

All fees cover unlimited participation at both locations the full term, are NONREFUNDABLE (an advance visit to the club is recommended to make sure that this sport and this club are a good fit for you), and are due at the first practice of each 10-week term. Total for Level 1 foil student with equipment rental is $140, as described below.

Classes/lessons-payment options

Equipment is available for rent on a first-come first-served basis, depending on size needs, and must be reserved in advance. Equipment use is free for third and subsequent family members joining the club.Full set (mask, jacket, glove, foil) $20

Alternatively, new fencers may purchase their own equipment for approximately $130 per set. Call or e-mail for ordering information.

Club dues

Covers operating expenses: $10 per term, or $25 prepaid for the entire season (3 terms).

US Fencing Association Membership

All students are required to be USFA members in order for the VFA to be eligible for insurance through the USFA's member club program. Fortunately, the USFA offers a noncompetitive membership for the reasonable price of $10 per year. New students, recreational (i.e. noncompetitive) fencers and youth fencers (age 12-) who will only participate in local youth tournaments must pay this $10 fee and fill in the appropriate paperwork at their first practice of the season. If you plan to compete this season, please make sure to renew your competitive membership on line prior to the first practice. You may begin the season as a noncompetitive member and upgrade to competitive status at any time. If you have a membership carrying over from last season (i.e 3-year member, life member, or new member who joined after April 1) you are all set and do not need to do anything.


Unanticipated cancellations will be rescheduled. Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE, but if you withdraw from a class after attending 5 or fewer sessions, you are entitled to a 50% discount the following term (does not apply to those using punch cards). Once again, we strongly urge prospective club members to visit first. We would rather have you decide that fencing really doesn't appeal to you as much as you had thought, or that the atmosphere of the club doesn't work well for you, than to have you pay to reserve a place in a class and then feel disappointed!

Scholarship Program

We set aside a portion of our annual funds raised to provide partial scholarships for students for whom our fees are a significant obstacle to participation. Please request financial aid when registering for classes.

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